Women in non traditional occupations coding and I.T.

DC has been coding for over twenty years, a passion she discovered in university when the internet was in its infancy.

"It never stands still" she says- "its faced paced, exciting and full of challenges."

Information Technology is one of those industries that always seems to arise when male dominated occupations are discussed. Ive always found this a bit confusing- Its very much a newer industry compared to many of the others I have looked at in this blog. Although looking at events out of the US like Gamergate, its clear to see many men feel threatened by female coders or just women in the industry full stop.

DC says she never noticed any conscious bias in her workplaces, but among those workplaces was Microsoft who have been the subject of lawsuits regarding discrimination.
It is clear that there certainly is a degree of unconscious bias occurring.

This snapshot from the US shows clearly 57% of the proffessional workforce is women. But in the IT industry it is a much lower 25% and at the top of the industry 17%.

17% is also the number of women who graduated with computer and infomation science degrees in 2014. Clearly there are a lot of reasons women are not interested in choosing IT as a career.  The science side of things is often cited as a reason, girls are not highly represented in high school science.

After many years in the industry DC is taking a sideways step and educating the next generation of kids in IT with coding camps and after school coding classes for primary school kids.


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