Women in non traditional occupations Building

While everyone else was down at the pub this week watching horses run in a circle and cultivating a sore head, Bonnie was still at work putting a 2 bedrooms and a deck onto this Newcastle house.

Bonnie is an apprentice carpenter.  She very generously spent a few hours letting me wave a camera at her as we discussed the role of women in construction. She is open and honest about the way her role attracts attention, wishes it wouldn't but is aware of the importance of setting a positive example to others.
Not just any apprentice, she was awarded the MBA Female apprentice of the year over the weekend. She has mixed feelings about the gender labelling of the award, understanding it was probably put there to highlight womens contribution to the industry.

However that time may be past as the winner of the mens apprentice of the year admitted he was glad of the split as otherwise he would have come second.

Women in non traditional occupations building

She initially studied architecture but decided to go on the tools as she had always enjoyed the practical side of things and is now able todraw upon both the  aesthetic and the practical skills to her work.

Wome in non traditional occupations Building
Women in non traditional occupations building


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