Women working in non traditional occupations Cinematography

Working in the Film industry for many years, I never even considered cinematography to be a male dominated area. I have worked frequently throughout my career with many talented female cinematographers or Directors of Photography.
But it is true, the main representative body for Cinematography in Australia the Australian Cinematographers society has only about 20% female membership. Statistics outside of the ACS are unknown. But some things are not- a woman has never won the peak prize, the Milli award.
Modern Cinematography is an amazing career to be in. A collaborative art where you can use skills and experience from a huge range of disciplines, costume, makeup, design, lighting, bring them together to make works of art that people all over the world can see and enjoy.

The Sydney morning herald published an article about female cinematographers recently, an excellent read, mentions of course the excellent Jan Kenny, a true ground breaker in the field.

 Women in non tradition occupations cinematography
Women in non tradition occupations cinematography

Jan is one of the pioneers of the Australian film industry.

Among the many highlights of her career include Head of Cinematography at The Australian Film Television and Radio School and induction to the Australian Cinematographers Society Hall of fame.

She has completed 14 feature films, 20 Documentaries, and 80 commercials in various roles including Director of photography


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Women in non tradition occupations cinematography