Women in non traditional occupations Rigging

Gillian is a rigging gaffer. About as far behind the scenes as you can get, she works in studios weeks before the cameras and celebrities arrive, calculating power, weight, rigging points and equipment with a crew of up to 30 men, hanging lights and running miles of heavy duty cables. 

In recent years she has been involved in the construction of the Australian Nnija set, the Peter Rabbit feature film set, concerts for Elton John and Carlos Santana among many others, the Handa Opera, the bodyguard musical. If its a big show in Sydney, you can be pretty sure Gillian is high up behind the scenes bolting it all together.
She has worked on some of the biggest international films shot in Australia, narrowly escaping from the ceiling when the studio caught fire on House of Wax in 2004. Multi lingual, trained as both a Ballerina and oil rig hand, she carries poise, attitude and femininity all at once.


Women in non traditional occupations Rigger


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