Women in non traditional occupations Rope access

Having worked in rope access myself for about 5 minutes, this was one of the industries I thought would suit the project perfectly.

When I first met Elizabeth she was working for a firm that serviced Wet and Wild and I got quite excited about the prospects for photography on the great arch and towers at their Blacktown site. Alas that was not too be- but Elizabeth has been extremely helpful putting me in contact with women working in other industries.

Rope access is a quick way to access multiple locations in vertical environment. Ground based solutions like boom and scissor lifts will only take you so high and are reliant on a hard flat accessible surface below.

Scaffolding is a very slow and time consuming process and the old school window cleaners bucket isnt installed on most buildings. So the solution is for workers to set up a rope, barricade below to keep the public safe and abseil in.  The industry is heavily regulated and technicians are required to be certified in not only abseiling but rescue techniques to get themselves or others out of trouble.

Rope access looks like quite an intimidating occupation, but the focus on safety mean that you can be confident in your equipment at all times knowing you have multiple backups. 

Women in non traditional occupations rope access
Women in non traditional occupations rope access


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Women working in non traditional occupations